The Mastermind – A Power Principle to Generate Wealth

In his book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill describes the Power of the Master Mind as the coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.

He further says that, analyzing the record of any person who has accumulated a great fortune, will reveal that they have either consciously or unconsciously employed the “Master Mind” principle

He starts the chapter by saying that power is essential for success in the accumulation of wealth and later states that great power can be accumulated through no other principle than the Master Mind.

You may ask yourself why this is the case and I would like to explore the following three benefits of the Mastermind that might shed some light on this.

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Benefit 1:  One Plus One Equals Three

When you surround yourself with other like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners discussing ideas, issues, and problems, you will find a solution to your issue quicker than when you tried to solve it yourself.  You get access to a multitude of ideas, experience, creativity, thoughts, and energy –  not just your own.

It can be compared to horses pulling a cart.  It is a well-known fact that one horse will have to use 100% of his strength pulling it and will probably struggle, but a team of horses will pull the same cart with ease without using 100% of their strength.  Every horse will work in proportion to the number and capacity of the other horses.

This benefit will ultimately save you time and effort in reaching your goal, but will also open other opportunities and ideas to generate wealth.  The individuals in the Master Mind become your business advisors and vice versa.


Benefit 2:  Your success is directly aligned with the people you rub shoulders with

Studies of Koi (common carp) revealed that they will grow in proportion to the surroundings that they are exposed to.  If they are left in a small pond they will only grow to the potential of its environment.  When you take that same Koi and put it in a large dam/pond it can grow up to 0.9 meters (36 inches).

The same can be said of humans.  When you are exposed to a group of positive, energetic and successful people – soon your attitude will also change.  You will become more positive and energetic and soon your success will follow.  The reverse is also true.

The quality and the size of your network will determine the level of your success.  Robert Kiyosaki says it best – “The richest people in the world build networks.  Everyone else is trained to look for work.”

Being part of a Master Mind will give you the perfect opportunity to build your network with like-minded individuals.  You will also gain access to their extended network.

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Benefit 3:  Working towards a common goal

The most important benefit of the Master Mind is that all the individuals involved works in harmony to achieve a common goal.  That common goal generally is to see everyone succeed.  The degree of success will defer base on the work put in, but there is no animosity between the individuals.

In a time where negativity is the order of the day, being part of a Master Mind is a refreshing alternative.  Being surrounded by people who want to see you succeed and is not shy helping you achieve your goal.  The group of individuals works together, collaboratively to achieve more, together.

Napoleon said that working towards a common goal is the greatest of all sources of power.  It is the source to which the genius and every great leader turn.



When you are part of a Master Mind you naturally start to think Bigger.  You will stretch beyond your own limitations and boundaries being surrounded by exceptional people doing exceptional things.

To find out how you can be part of a Master Mind, click here, and get more clients, more growth, and more success.

Thank you for reading this.  If you found value in it I will appreciate it if you could share this with someone that needs to read this as well.  You will implement a Master Mind principle – sharing and growing, together.

Francois Joubert

Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker and Results Coach

About the author

Francois Joubert has been called a Powerhouse of a Business Man and won an International Award for his Exceptional Business Results at a Business Conference attended by 2,500 people from 65 Different Countries.

He is a successful serial entrepreneur, an international speaker, a Husband and a Father.

He exchanged his cosy 7 figure salary and is on a mission to inspire people to achieve not only exceptional business results but also continuous personal growth.

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